Signature Quail Sausage

& Gourmet Bison Sausage


Steeped in the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, we at La Villa Ranch believe in being good stewards of the bounty surrounding us. We have created our signature Quail Sausage and gourmet Bison Sausage accordingly, using only the finest locally harvested game and highest-quality ingredients to celebrate and preserve local flavor.

La Villa Ranch

Our Quail Sausage and Bison Sausage both pair perfectly with Texas wines and beers and make ideal gourmet hors d'oeuvres for any occasion. Both products are dried and vacuum packed to insure freshness. Unopened they have an unrefrigerated shelf life of three weeks and refrigerated up to six months.

CONTACT US to purchase La Villa Ranch Quail Sausage and Bison Sausage for your winery, brew pub, local market, or your home.

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