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As a working cattle ranch that also trains Polo ponies, La Villa Ranch has a flair for the gourmet. We provide strong support to the Texas wine and micro brewing industry, and worked with Texas wineries to craft our delicious signature Quail Sausage and gourmet Bison Sausage. Our rural setting has allowed us the perfect opportunity to experiment with many wild game recipes, and to elevate them to the gourmet food level.

Locally harvested and processed, La Villa Ranch’s Quail Sausage and Bison Sausage consists of only the highest quality ingredients and our special blend of spices, resulting in a truly artisanal Hill Country delicacy. All of our ingredients are locally harvested and sourced.

La Villa Ranch Quail Sausage and Bison Sausage are perfect complements to Texas wines. It is an ideal pairing with most sweet blush wines and dry red wines from any winery.

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Photography provided by: Licarione Photography

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